Software Engineer




Here we are introducing “Application Name” a Child education software, which will be used mostly by children between the age range of 3-4. This application will not only work as a child Tutoring assistance, but also it can completely function as a parent to child monitoring and evaluation system. Our multipurpose program is considering the user as either an administrator or non-administrator, male or female and education level. Latest news and updates about the application is, gotten through notifications to the parents. Individual account can be created for children. It provides a preschool identity by attached school admission code when an account is created. Children registered can share objectives, purpose and make designs in mini projects.

System architecture : Web Application
Operating System : ANDROID MOBILE
Language : Android SDK 2.3 and above
Graphics : OpenGL(support for 2D and 3D)
Keyboard type : Inbuilt phone keyboard or Internet Keyboard
Screen type : Capacitive Touchscreen LCD
Internet connection : Acceptable from 25kbps
Minimum Ram : 512 MB
Disk space : At least 100mb
Database : SQLite
Programming Language : Android Studio-MySQL



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