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Targets And Goals

360datalytics is the first big data app targeted at helping states to become self-sufficient in managing their own data. Digital leaders know that to unlock the value in data, enterprises require a solution flexible enough to integrate everything from data capture to data analysis, to social media, survey results, campaign responses and external market data. Armed with this intelligence, 360datalytics is changing how states see data; state can take advantage of this powerful engine to boost growth in the economy most especially in managing internally generated revenue.

360Datalytics Flexibility & Efficiency

360datalytics Big Data Analytics in the Cloud bypasses barriers, focus on data integrity and analysis. States can leverage on this, offering implementation and full management in the 360datalytics Cloud developed software, without the need for additional IT resources or infrastructure. Analytics as a Service combines the benefits of advanced analytics with the cost savings and convenience of a managed service, making it even easier to access, blend, explore, and model big data quickly and effectively.
States can take advantage of the cloud services; combine the benefits of advanced analytics with the cost savings and convenience of a managed service, making it even easier to access, blend and model big data, revealing metrics needed to push the economy forward.

Brief Exposition Of How 360Datalytics Works

Data from multiple data sources come in different formats. It’s key to make them available in one view to have a 360-degree understanding of state data, enabling you to find the right business case, apply citizen analytics, cut costs and create new opportunities.
Adewale is married to Rose and they have four children. Ade is a business-man while Rose is a banker, the family lives in a rented apartment in the mainland owned by Ifeanyi. How can a state take advantage on capturing such data with the finest integrity? With 360datalytics, we can capture the family data by connecting Adewale to Rose as a married couple, then connecting them both to their four children, and their property owner.
All of them having a unique identity. When states can succeed in connecting such data, they can first track the family, engage them and ensure they are paying taxes, provide services that are targeted, visualise and predict monthly, quarterly and annual tax returns.
Through 360datalytics, states will be able to break through their data, unlocking every potential. Improving policies and decision-making based on data.



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